Elemental Collection - FuturisTig Red


Our FuturisTig series features matte hematite saucer beads - they do remind us of flying saucers, don't they? - together with 8mm blue, gold or red tiger's eye beads. Designed as stretch bracelets for a seamless look, the FuturisTig bracelets are good to wear on singularly or as a stack of two or three. 

Why FuturisTig? Well, the flying saucer-like appearance of the matte hematite beads lend the bracelet a futuristic look. Combine this with tiger's eye and the name FuturisTig was borne.

Hematite is a strong crystal and is good for protection and grounding.

Tiger's eye is a gorgeous stone that is also good for protection. Twist and turn a bead so that it catches the light to view its full beauty. 

Blue tiger's eye is calming and helps with stress relief.

Gold tiger's eye facilitates paying attention to detail.

Red tiger's eye is a stimulating stone that helps overcome lethargy.